Smart Local 110

Sheet Metal Workers

SMART 110 works on behalf of our memberships’ best interest. Standing together to collectively bargain with our employers allows us to improve working conditions and receive fair wages and benefits that our membership deserves.

Who we are

SMART 110 spans 94 Kentucky counties. Our membership is made up of over 1,000 highly skilled craftspeople that are trained to perform a wide selection of skills such as the production, fabrication, installation, welding, and detailing of sheet metal products and HVAC. As a group of craftspeople who stand behind our work with pride, we continue to innovate and raise the standards of our industry to new heights.

Building Stronger Communities

When unions thrive, local communities do too. SMART 110 supports work opportunities where our members and their families live. Building construction projects with skilled and trained workers, area standard wages, and apprenticeship opportunities mean the surrounding community becomes stronger and more equitable.

Sheet Metal Sculpture


Possessing a solid base of knowledge and skills is crucial to working in our industry. SMART 110 provides a premier apprenticeship training program. Our program is dedicated to ensuring men and women receive the highest level of training to become confident union sheet metal workers.